The KETBIO Consortium comprises seven partners from all over Europe including the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Poland. Please click on the company links for additional information on each partner.
Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia (RIC), Poland

Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia (RIC) is a Polish non-profit private research organisation active in the field of interdisciplinary applied research in the field of social sciences and engineering, with particular focus on bio-based products, industrial biotechnology and biorefineries. 

Since its establishment in 1996, RIC has successfully implemented over 200 research and advisory projects for EU institutions and funded by EC programmes, e.g. H2020, Polish local and central authorities as well as industry.RIC will contribute its expertise to KETBIO by leading WP3 as well as contributing to all other work packages.

DECHEMA, Germany

DECHEMA joins scientific and industrial experts from different disciplines to stimulate scientific exchange in chemical and process engineering and biotechnology. They identify and evaluate emerging technological trends and facilitate the transfer of research results into industrial applications. 

DECHEMA coordinates the KETBIO project (WP1). Being the hub of an interdisciplinary network DECHEMA is very experienced in hosting matchmaking events, webinars and online platforms. Thus, DECHEMA´s main task is to set-up and administrate the KETBIO Cluster hub (WP3) and the brokerage platform (WP4). Furthermore, DECHEMA will organize 6 online/onsite b2b brokerage events. and support KETBIO´s communication and dissemination actions.

Innovate UK, United Kingdom

KTN links new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through our network of businesses, universities, funders and investors. From agri-food to autonomous systems and from energy to design, KTN combines in-depth knowledge in all sectors with the ability to cross boundaries. KTN is a network partner of Innovate UK.

KTN is responsible for project management. This work package spans the life time of the project and involves the monitoring of the project progress against set deliverables and overall project reporting to ensure KETBIO is on track.

PRACSIS, Belgium

PRACSIS is a Brussels-based communications and public relations agency, with a specialisation in environment, energy and bioeconomy. PRACSIS offers targeted and tailored communication strategies, including stakeholder engagement campaigns, the organisation of conferences and print publications.

PRACSIS is the leader of Communication Workpackage 6.  The tasks are jointly implemented with KTN and DECHEMA. PRACSIS has devised stakeholder engagement strategies, project branding, print  and social media strategies to  promote KETBIO`s  activities and achievements to wider target groups.  With the editing of attractive fact sheets and stories on the results of EU-funded research in key enabling biotech, a wide array of stakeholders will be informed such as industry, biotech professionals, policy makers, media.

SP Processum AB, Sweden

RISE Processum supports and initiates pilot- and demo-scale R&D within forest-based biorefinery. As host of the Swedish “Biorefinery of the Future” innovation cluster, we bring together partners from industry, academy and public sector to development new products, processes and energy solutions from wood and residual streams from the industry.

RISE Processum will development the methodology for the screening & evaluation process of H2020 and FP7 biotechnology projects. This includes: survey to perform project interviews & analysis; structure & criteria for screening; evaluation procedures; feedback template for evaluated projects; determine appropriate data collection, management & analysis strategies. In practice, projects will be identified & screened and project leads will be interviewed for basic, technical and (pre) commercialization data gathering. The top projects will be selected for further analysis.

Sviluppo chimica, Italy

SC Sviluppo chimica, owned by Federchimica (Italian Federation of Chemical Industries), supports the competitiveness of Chemical Industries in Italy through the offering of professional services within the technical areas of Industrial Safety and Security, Logistic, Energy and Environment, Risk and Crisis Management, R&D support and funding

SC will contribute in several operating and financial aspects of the Bioeconomy and market analysis that will be developed, focusing particularly to Italy. It will be responsible for specialist expertise within the Business Intelligence area and realize the related deliverables as foreseen within the work package 5.. Furthermore it will contribute to the pre-screening project tasks, communication activities and to define the technical content of 5 webinars.

TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH, Germany

TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH is a German private transfer organisation organisation and a patent developing, marketing and licensing organisation founded by several universities and working for 7 of 11 universities in Hessia (Germany), with the mandate to manage the technology transfer for them.

TransMIT is the leader of work package 2 “Path to commercialization”. 

Main tasks of TransMIT are:

  • Identifying EU funded biotechnology projects with results of potential commercial value
  • Screening projects in according to key criteria
  • Establishing ranked project pipeline for the impact programme.
  • Identifying best practice and ‘Flagship’ projects 

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