Goals & Objectives

The objective of KETBIO is to speed up the process of industrial exploitation and uptake of EU-funded KET Biotechnology project results by establishing a novel KET biotechnology cluster and delivering an innovative impact acceleration programme with and for the cluster, thus maximising (1) access to existing technology and its transfer activities and new cooperation partners throughout Europe for biotechnology projects, (2) exploitation of synergies and sharing of best practice beyond the original biotechnology projects scope, and (3) streamlining of activities of common interest relevant to biotechnology projects.

KETBIO aims to bring the biotechnology community together in an interactive, vibrant forum, deploying latest technology to increase knowledge and reduce barrier to entry and interaction, and provide value-adding activities to the community while at the same time being accessible to stakeholders beyond biotechnology including society and policy groups.


In order to achieve this overarching goal, KETBIO will focus on six key objectives:

  • Establish a thriving biotechnology cluster with a platform that supports stakeholder collaboration and visibility to non-experts
  • Identify EU funded biotechnology projects with results of potential commercial value
  • Understand in-depth the market prospects and business trends for biotechnology in Europe and beyond
  • Deliver an impact programme that is innovative and multi-faceted and shortens time to market
  • Provide guidance and recommendations for the biotechnology community and policy makers based on the observations gathered
  • Raise awareness of biotechnology research and its results by targeted communication and dissemination actions within the cluster, and beyond, and realise content transfer to specialist media and the public

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