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KETBIO`s exclusive social media portal for the European biotechnology community, the Cluster Hub, facilitates the partnering of professionals in key enabling biotechnologies via online and onsite brokerage events and generates knowledge about latest biotech progress, trends and markets. You can post your personal expert and organization profile or list your project and promote your project results on the highly interactive Cluster Hub. Furthermore, you can publish your offers, requests, products and services and initiate or join open and closed groups for dedicated topics. The integrated intuitive chat tool enables you to present, share and discuss topics of interest with other members of the KETBIO community at any time.


EU-funded projects dealing with key enabling biotechnologies face a common challenge: Time-to-market of their results is often too long. There are several key reasons for this including: lack of commercialization knowledge, contacts and exploitation pathways. KETBIO’s Commercial Committee (CC) can advise you. High level senior experts from industry and venture capitalists will evaluate your project alongside technology transfer specialists. Your benefits: your project will gain a better visibility and if selected the opportunity to win the KETBIO “Best Performing Project” competition award. A higher impact through KETBIO’s promotion and support actions will accelerate the market-uptake of your project results.


Doing business means finding the right partners. KETBIO online partnering is an innovation exchange and a partnering platform serving academia, SMEs and large companies. If you wish to learn about exciting inventions or to present your projects to potential R&D cooperation partners, KETBIO will connect you with right people from the global bio-economy community.

Matchmaking has never been easier. On the basis of your offers / requests for technologies, processes, products and financing, you can easily identify, contact and meet potential cooperation and business partners in a live online meeting. All you need to take part in an online meeting is a telephone and fast web access. You do not have to leave your office. Save time and money and attend KETBIO´s partnering events.


KETBIO’s vision is to promote promising key enabling technologies to drive the modern circular economy, and ultimately create sustainable growth and well-being. To support this vision, we have devised a cascade of actions to facilitate the researchers` path towards commercialization of their research and development. KETBIO will organize up to 40 webinars. We will talk about biotechnology push and market pull, discover new trends and funding opportunities and learn how to reduce the time-to-market of commercially valuable project results. Four online working groups will identify hot topics in the fields of “Industrial biotech, bio-refining, bio-based products”, “Environmental, marine and freshwater biotech”, “Emerging trends in biotechnologies” and “IPR, licensing, contractual agreements and exploitation steps”.

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